Techno-Managerial Approach to Building Rehabilitation

By: V K Paul |
  • ISBN: 978-81-95320-875
  • Publication Date: August 2022
  • Dimension: 6 x 9 in.
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Pages: 172


The book covers a detailed understanding of building deterioration process and service life of building to determine the present condition of built structure. Chapter on functional aspects of building rehabilitation and technology provides detail insight of theoretical frame work of suggested methodology of building rehabilitation work. Two major case studies discussed in the book are elaborated to summarize on-site issues faced by consultant, client and vendors. Case studies show that theoretical framework of building rehabilitation work is often unsuccessful due to techno-managerial issues. Interviews taken from different experts of the construction industry have validated the theoretical and on-site issues related to techno-managerial aspects in the building rehabilitation works and suggested remedial measures for the same. The book further recommends the process of building rehabilitation should be done in conjunction to project management body of knowledge through expert validation and suggest techno-managerial body of knowledge to support building rehabilitation work.

About the Author

V K Paul

Virendra Kumar Paul is a Senior Professor at the Department of Building Engineering & Management, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He has played a key role in developing National Guidelines for the Construction
Project Management for the Bureau of Indian Standards.