The Tirtha at Mukteswar: Understanding Its Architecture

By: Ranjana Mital |
  • ISBN: 978-93-83419-19-7
  • Publication Date: June 2015
  • Dimension: A3
  • Binding: Hard back
  • Pages: 98


The book documents and analyzes the exquisite temple of Mukteshwara at Bhubaneshwar. The deul at Mukteshwara, built during 11th Century CE by Somavamshi Dynasty, is an important landmark in Orissan temple architecture. At Mukteshwar was realized the fully evolved garbhagriha–mandap form setting benchmarks for design of various architectural elements, their composition in elevation and spatial layout. Using documentation of drawings, graphics and photographs made by students of architecture, the temple is analyzed from various perspectives such as symbolism, geometry, construction and material technology and climate and environment.

Mukteswara temple lies in a historic temple district, the Ekamra kshetra, of present Bhubaneshwar city. A timeline of temple evolution places the Mukhteshwara along with other important temples from the region such as Parasuramareswar Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Sun Temple, etc. These temples are compared on their scale, proportion, stylistic character, important elements and other special features.
The tour-de-force of the book is quite certainly the numerous drawings in pen and ink that diligently document every little detail. The text in the book relies on the work of established and acknowledged authorities on Hindu temple architecture.

About the Author

Ranjana Mital

Ranjana Mital is Professor at Department of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.