Cambodia: Decoding Khmer Architecture

By: Dr. Ujjwala Khot-Palsuley |
  • ISBN: 978-81-957272-23
  • Publication Date: November 2022
  • Dimension: 8.5 x 8.5 in.
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Pages: 150 approx.


The book focuses on the influences of Dravidian temple architecture on the Khmer temple architecture with a method to study temple architecture holistically. The temples are studied in detail from regional level to the temple architecture level so that the influences, either direct or indirect, could be comprehended.

About the Author

Dr. Ujjwala Khot-Palsuley

Dr. Ujjwala Khot-Palsuley is the Principal of Marathwada Mitra Manadal's Collge of Architecture, Pune.

Alumna of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and Lunds University, Sweden with over 18 years of Professional experience and 9 years of teaching experience and has been instrumental in establishing and heading the architectural institute in Pune for over 4 years. 

She being a Conservation Architect has worked on various restoration and conservation projects including Nomination dossiers for World Heritage Sites in India for UNESCO and at Senior Management positions at multinationals. 

She has worked extensively on Temple architecture of India and Cambodia. She presented and published various research papers and has won the awards for the “Best Research papers” at national and international conferences across various countries. She has been part of committees with COA , AICTE, ICOMOS and INTACH.